Amuse Auctions: where do they come from

Professional auctioneer Geert Postma was during the 1990s responsible for the Dutch live Erotica auctions that were held in the Groningen area of the Netherlands. Already in the 1980s, auction houses like Beijers in Utrecht and Van Stockum in The Hague organized ‘Erotiek veilingen’ with erotic books and curiosa. In October 2015 something new happened in Holland…

Amuse.Auction recognizes it’s origins

In October 2015 Job Kwakman and Marco van Kampen started the first weekly Erotica auction at the great auction platform of Catawiki. Marco hosted the weekly listings until the end of those auctions in October 2018. One month later Geert Postma stepped forward with a plan to create a new specialized platform for weekly Auctions. The idea for a new company was born!

Amuse.Auction : the new weekly Auctions

Geert Postma involves former Catawiki Erotica expert Marco van Kampen to team up and create a new platform for erotic art, books, magazines, curio together. After months of building an online system, finally the first new auction takes off in May 2019 : Worldwide collectors and sellers are able to buy and sell great collectors items of Erotica again!

Bringing people and art together

People love art. People love it. Everybody has a muse. Find your piece of art and ♥ it. Amuse Auction will offer you lots of Artwork, paintings, statues, books, vintage magazines, curio and all other from old to modern times.

Offering a simple platform

Life should be easy. We want you to have the best en quickest way to fill your needs.
Our platform is not limited to an erotica auction website, we also offer great support and once in a while exciting real auctions.

Auctioning is connecting people

Connecting people is one of the main goals of Amuse. Lovers, believers, buyers, they are all gathered to do business.

The Dutch call it ‘veiling’; the German ‘Auktion’; the French ‘enchères’; the Italian ; ‘Asta’ and the Spanish ‘subasta’. This is Amuse.Auction.

Geert Postma

Marco van Kampen

An Introduction to Amuse Auctions by Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Collecting – an unbounded passion

Collecting itself is a primeval instinct that is still alive in every child. This drive is of cultural value, as it aims at preserving, what otherwise succumbs to transitoriness. Its charm lies in the fact that by constructing a collection the collector gradually builds a work that can go beyond its own temporality: great collectors have built themselves a little way into their own immortality. But every lived moment can also make feverish the passionate collector if he believes he has found a piece that his collection still lacks. In the worst case, he, the founder of his collection, becomes his servant, and his initial freedom becomes an addiction that keeps him on the hunt.

Thus the collector collects consistently and without detours immediately near the roots of this instinct.

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